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Hard Times Musical Instrument Company

Hard Times Musical Instrument CompanyHard Times Musical Instrument Company


It's Scottish, or it's crap!

I spent some time at Lewis park yesterday, enjoying the cacophony of sounds better known collectively as, "the pipes". Highland music has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. The sounds somehow speak to my soul on a level I am not sure I truly understand. To be honest, I don't really need to, I just enjoy the music. Having been a snare player in a marching band when I was younger, whenever I here the rudiments being tapped out on a precision tuned snare, my finger tap uncontrollably.


Just recently, I met with Renee, and her lovely daughter Payton, and went for a stroll around the Therapeutic Gardens, behind Anderton Nurseries in Comox. It was a grey day, which made for some nice soft lighting. Perfect for little girls. Not really knowing the schedule, Renee and I walked and talked our way to the gardens and found on our arrival, that the gardens were in fact closed. They were getting ready for spring with a massive club clean up.

Trent and Natasha.

I was very fortunate to have spent some time with Trent and Natasha, a young family in the making. Our time together was pretty fun. Trent and Natasha, laughing and swooning over each other was a blessing to be around. I felt like a better person for having the experience. The love of this young family fuels my belief in humanity. Thank you, to this young beautiful family for allowing me into your life. Trent and NatashaTrent and Natasha

Cross Country 2012 - Part Two

So I suppose it is quite possible, you are many parts are there?! The answer is, a number of them. How many, I am not sure, I am still working on it. In all fairness though, it is a long trip and one little blog would not do it justice. Sit back, and enjoy the ride.