The Winds of Change

Many days have gone by since the start of my website. Many things have come and gone, including thoughts, dreams, and life direction. For years I have been fighting the fact that at heart, I am an artist. I am to say the least, emotional, passionate, and usually pretty out in the open about those things in life that displease me. Especially politically, yet without an ounce of energy to actually do anything about it. This I will hold a decade worth of depression accountable for. Admitting in public that depression holds a finger on my throat makes me want to hide with shame and keep it contained so none should see the truth. This is my fight. This is my life.
In the last year of my ever changing life I have learned two things about myself. I have many layers. Each filled with extreme examples of my own abilities and challenges that rock me to the core and hold me captive with my own fears of failure. The other, hope. I have copious amounts of hope in my being that allow me to push through life's challenges and repetitive failures. Being okay with the fact that I have a hard time maintaining "normal" makes me a healthier person, and allows me to accomplish tasks where I have failed in the past. No matter what blows in off the ocean, or falls from the sky, I know that one day I will try again, and I will succeed. Really, what else can we do?