Trent and Natasha.

I was very fortunate to have spent some time with Trent and Natasha, a young family in the making. Our time together was pretty fun. Trent and Natasha, laughing and swooning over each other was a blessing to be around. I felt like a better person for having the experience. The love of this young family fuels my belief in humanity. Thank you, to this young beautiful family for allowing me into your life. Trent and NatashaTrent and Natasha

At the beginning of the session, I was somewhat nervous. Being relatively new to the industry the regular thoughts went through my mind. "Stay calm, think about the process". Batteries, check. Clean lens, check. Working 7D, check. Flash, check. 10-22, check, 70-200, check. cloth, CF cards, spares, check. There are a few other thoughts that float around during this process, but I won't bother with too much detail.

Okay, time to rock. I turn and approach Trent and Natasha. Show time. Trent, I have known for some time. I have competed against this young man in disc golf tournaments, played league with him as partners and rivals, I have laughed with him lots. There was no reason to be nervous. But I must get the shot. I wish for the viewer to understand the dynamics of this young relationship as it embarks upon a huge, impressive journey. Starting a family. The first few minutes were stressful for me. Trying to make sure that all was covered. Nervous energy filling my body as I thought about what I needed to do, and then as fast as it hit, it was gone. I was in the zone. Kiss me!Kiss me!

As the session moved along, I became a part, of the experience, instead of trying to control it. Hints and suggestions came from me time to time, but for the most part it was all up to Trent and Natasha. Laughing, and joking their nervousness away. But they could not hide their fears, and their respect for one another. Every so often, the reality of the situation we were photographing would hit, leaving them not with a sense of dread, but a sense of how immense this moment was. They are making a baby. Creating life. As stressful as it is for young family, there is no greater reward. I felt as though I was witnessing life as it happens. A young couple in love, making their way through life. I was so impressed with them that I almost felt guilty for photographing such a personal moment. But I did it anyway, and I loved it. My Baby.My Baby.

As time moved along, Trent and Natasha just got cuter. They laughed most of the time and when they were not laughing, they were looking at each other with sincere love. Shooting the entire time, I made my way around the scene, and made the most of the bright light of full sun, complete with a glare off the ocean. It was a great time. I truly enjoyed the challenge of trying to make the love known, in conditions I had no control over. My respect for those in the business that create these amazing images we look at every day, went up greatly. It is definitely harder than it looks. Though it can be stressful making sure that the image is captured as needed, the stress involved, is a good stress. Adrenalin pulsing through the veins as the mind races ahead to see the next shot, and plan for lighting, aperture, shutter speed, ISO,... click. The process excites my mind beyond what I thought possible. It's really quite, interesting. Somebody should do a study.

With all my heart.With all my heart.

When we booked our day together, we planned around the disc golf league times in Campbell River for two reasons. One, the kids wanted to visit and see their friends, as did I...and two, because we just love the game of disc golf. With the course in mind, I suggested at the beach that we do a couple of photos at the course to make the most of the shade in the trees. So for a few minutes prior to the Disc Golf League start times, we managed to get a couple of keepers. First up was Natasha. A real natural when it comes to beauty. It was an absolute pleasure to stand in front of this young mother to be, and ask her to act natural. To be honest, Natasha made it happen. NatashaNatasha

After Natasha, it was time to photograph Trent, the young man, and father to be. At first, it was odd to me, to be taking photos of Trent, as in the past our relationship consisted mostly of jibes, and snippets of quick wit to try and un-nerve one another during competition. A few years ago at a tournament in Campbell River, there was an Ace Race tournament to determine who was the best player. The last two standing, were Trent and I. Trent knows who won. Now, I stand before this over sized young man, and wish to bring out the very best in him. Showing his youthful pride, and confidence, with a hint of self doubt. Trent, you are a great man, I am proud to have met you. Though I will admit, the thought of presenting a photo mid blink to really make him look ridiculous crossed my mind, but the right choice got the better of me, and together we created an image worthy of Trent, in my opinion. TrentTrent

Thank you Trent, Natasha, you are an inspiration.