Road Trip!

Cross Country 2012 - Part Two

So I suppose it is quite possible, you are many parts are there?! The answer is, a number of them. How many, I am not sure, I am still working on it. In all fairness though, it is a long trip and one little blog would not do it justice. Sit back, and enjoy the ride.

Cross Country 2012 - Part One.

Cross Canada 2012 – Part One

Foggy Days: Hwy 17 North, OntarioFoggy Days: Hwy 17 North, Ontario My journey started off with a bit of a jolt to my anxiety levels. When I first started the incredible van named Phoebe, a rattle unknown to me shot out from the bottom of the van that made my hair stand up. I just got it out of the shop, and was "ready" for the road, so I was somewhat concerned that this noise was now taking up my attention. With a bit of poking and checking, the issue was quickly resolved. As it turns out, it was simply a clip missing from the fan shroud. The plastic guard that prevents silly people from sticking hands and arms in the spinning fan just to see if they can stop it. It works, I have never done so. After drilling a couple of holes and zap strapping the two piece guard back in place, things were good. So, I hit the road. Heading north out of Brockville Ontario, I made my way along the back roads to Hwy 417. My destination. As far as I can get the first day without issue. With the exception of a few missed turns, and some localized traffic, things went along pretty well and I made good distance. I hit Espanola the first night, and slept on the side of the road at a truck stop that charged $5.50 for a shower. I have no idea how long it lasted. I didn't try it. Moola doesn't mind if I stink. My goal was to get out of Ontario as soon as possible, as the weather is somewhat unpredictable north of the lakes. That, and I had a ten day special trip permit to get me, my dog and my van back to British Columbia so that I could renew my vehicle insurance. Given the fact that stuff happens, and I like to be prepared for anything if something were to go wrong on the road, it would allow me time to fix it, and still get to BC within my allotted time frame. Fortunately, absolutely nothing went wrong, and I made good time.

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