The Power of Words

The power of WordsThe power of Words

“There is no greater power on earth than the power of the word.”

My Yogi Green Tea made this point the other day while I sat at my table and stared off into oblivion. This matter of fact can be somewhat contentious to those in “power”. For some, the arms race is the only real power on earth. For others, it is simply sitting at the ocean side and appreciating what is before them without a single word spoken at all. Yet both of these examples leave people feeling just as satisfied as the other. Or does it? Can you gain this kind of reflection from nuclear weapons, machine guns, oil and violence? Do the people in the Gulf of Mexico sit along the shore and coo over the “invincible world domination of crude prices” that drifts past them along the surface of the waters that, well now, used to feed their families? I fail to see the benefits of any large corporation, and for that matter a government that does not recognize the power of the words; please, and no thank you. Maybe if these words were listened to in the first place, the dramas that play out in our world would diminish as rapidly as they began. If those in power would truly listen to these words and appreciate the sincerity behind them, the reality of what the future holds would become painfully obvious. For all the power of gold, silver and paper currency, none stand a chance against the power of a person’s sorrow filled words when listened to with the heart, and not the ego.

“Please, stop hurting the world”

Geoffrey McNamara
Smack Photography