Oceans of Wonder


After a restless night, and finally falling asleep somewhere in the neighbourhood of 4am, morning came somewhat abruptly at nine o'clock. With lazy feet and sleepy eyes, I made my way to the kitchen for a cup of dark roast. As I sat on the couch to enjoy its heavenly qualities, something intuitive suggested I look towards the water. Sure enough, killer whales. A small pod of the black beauties were making their way south to what I can only assume is the feeding grounds for the winter. Though, that is an assumption. It could very well be the T100 pod I witnessed countless times this past summer, circling Vancouver Island as though they were dogs at the dinner table waiting for somebody, somewhere to drop some food. Though I guess in reality, they are just living like transient whales and not at all like dogs.

Regardless, these amazing creatures always appear whenever I have a question on my mind. There is wisdom in the ocean, in many fascinating forms. Myths and legends have been created around whales for as long as people have been telling stories, so I do not feel as though it is "out of the ordinary" to feel as though answers to my questions could come in the form of visual cues such as whales. Quite often, when listening with an open mind, the answers seem quite obvious and sensible. I find myself wondering sometimes what the world would be like if more people were to sit quietly, and listen with their minds. What answers would the universe bring? Would they be recognized as answers, or just passed off as silly little voices; tricks of the human mind. I suppose the only way to find out is to listen to the message, and apply the knowledge learned. I doubt the universe would ever spread misinformation, or mindfulness propaganda. This world of ours likes to live in balance, and harmony. Peace. If only we were to listen. At a time in my life when peace is most important for healing, I will listen to the messages brought to me by the universe. I will apply them with as much skill as possible, and believe that when doing so, I am in fact doing the right thing. With the mind, so does the body. Believe.