Fire Season 2003 - Part one

Kelowna Wildfires from the CoastKelowna Wildfires from the Coast

My wife and I were planning a trip to Canmore Alberta to visit her family when the first call from the British Columbia Provincial Emergency Program came in to put our Fire Department on standby for the 2003 Kelowna Wildfires. Not wanting to give up a trip to Canmore, or the work in Kelowna, we set a cutoff date for my acceptance. If in two weeks this Friday the call doesn't come, I would drop the firefighting and lovingly go to Canmore on vacation. Every time the phone rang my heart would skip a beat and my hands would sweat. Time passed very slowly. At 10pm Thursday night with just hours to our cutoff date, the phone rang.

“Grab your gear, you're going to Kelowna. You need to be on the truck by 0530. Tomorrow.”

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