The Green Gecko

The Green GeckoThe Green Gecko

Heading north out of Brockville, my mind began to wander. I found myself thinking about Lyndhurst Ontario as I was driving to the Green Gecko for a photo shoot with shop owners Terri & Peter Dawson. Being somewhat new to the world of professional photography it dawned on me. I better know what I am doing. With a borrowed 50mm lens, I made my way out of town. As I drove through the country side, the thought of Lyndhurst left my mind. Captivated by the scenery before me I forgot everything else, and was completely involved in the moment. Ontario, though ridiculously different from BC, has so much to offer any person looking to travel a few miles from town. Rolling fields fresh with spring growth, sunshine and the magic it brings to the earth as it fills the senses full of wonder and appreciation. In the moment, there was no place I would rather be.

As I rolled into Lyndhurst, my eyes were drawn almost immediately to the trunk of a beautiful red XJ12 Jaguar sitting in a very old barn door, attached to what should be a falling down barn, itching to get out and go for a drive. Perhaps another visit. Closer to town centre, flags were waving proudly with the towns name, (A direct result of Terri's effort on town counsel) people enjoying small town living with smiles on their face, and then I see the Green Gecko on my right, and my excitement grows. I am here to do what I love to do, photograph anything. I park, first on the road and then a voice inside my head (my wife) said I should perhaps use the parking lot located conveniently to the side of the building. Perhaps too obvious. So I park again, hop out, grab my gear and instantly, my wife and I were welcome by Terri. Full of smiles, and welcoming energy I was captivated by the big beautiful smile that adorns her face.

"Welcome! It is good to see you!" Terri announced as we exited the van. Having never before met, I was instantly set at ease. The lovely tall redhead known as Terri, was full of personality. Exactly what one would expect.

Being my first visit to the Gecko, I had no idea what to expect, except for what little information rumours had given up. Even so, this did not prevent me from being blown away by the amount of wonder set inside this quaint country shop. Terri and Peter work hard to make your experience well worth the trip. Born and raised in Edmonton and Ottawa respectively, Terri and Peter now call Lyndhurst home. Well, most of the year anyway. When the Gecko is not in full swing, they are off on another adventure to Thailand, and beyond to "shop" for next years inventory as they search high and low for one-of-a-kind pieces. For the last six years the Gecko has come to life with the fruit of their travels.

Bronze StatuesBronze Statues

The absolute wonder of the Green Gecko, is the simplicity in which one can find whatever it is they need. A gift for a dear friend to say thanks, or something a little more sentimental for a loved one, you will find it here. Full of natural preserves, local foods, and gifts created by local artisans there really is something for everyone.

When asked, "Why the Green Gecko?" an all encompassing question, Terri's answer was simple.

"We wanted to live in the “country” (well outside of the city anyway). We wanted to be more self reliant. We wanted to do something that would feed our desire to travel. We fell in love with the turn-of-the-century house in Lyndhurst (which was already a shop) and we thought – "hey, we could do this!" – and so we purchased the house and shop, created living space on the 2nd floor and developed The Green Gecko. We then devoted ourselves to “learning by doing” in the retail industry, plus maintaining and renovating a 100+ year old house! We choose the name Green Gecko because most of our travels are throughout SE Asia where geckos are very abundant. In Asia, lizards are a symbol of good luck. We feel that the combination of good luck plus the cute, fun whimsical nature of a gecko is a good image for our store."

I agree. Whimsical it is.

Frogs, live here.Frogs, live here.
If you are looking to bring adventure and travel to your life, but really find yourself falling short in the actual "doing" part of that equation, you can live vicariously through the Gecko when friends ask you "Where did you get this lovely piece?" At which point you have two options. One, make up a delicious tale about how you came upon a village in the deep Asian forest surrounded by tigers... or, you can tell them you got it at the Green Gecko in Lyndhurst Ontario. Whichever your conscience will allow. Either way, it will be sure to spark a fun conversation.

To find out more, please visit the Green Gecko in downtown Lyndhurst Ontario, or stop by their site where fun new photos are coming soon.