GeorgiaGeorgia Over the winter in 2011, I spent some time in Ontario visiting family and friends, and took some much needed time off. During a visit to my in-laws, Kent and Leslie in Cornwall Ontario, I was once again taken with the mind of a child. I find it very relaxing when a child is at play, completely lost in their thought and the inspiration for this photo, came from one of those moments. While life was happening around her, Georgia was so caught up in the moment, that when I made my way slowly around to the back of the doll house, she didn't even notice. I managed to squeeze in behind the little doll house, and lay down on the floor awkwardly to prevent making a noise and distracting from the moment. Once on the floor, I paused for a couple of seconds, allowing the moment to return completely. I slowly raised my camera in one hand, and propped myself up with my opposite elbow. Using those core muscles people keep talking about I held myself in a half sit-up position, and pushed my camera through the little living room window. Shooting in manual, I quickly dialed in my shutter speed(1/50), and aperture(3.5). I had predetermined my ISO (800) before heading behind the house so I would have one less thing to worry about in the moment. Positioning my camera, I double checked for framing and With the actuation of the shutter, my niece stopped what she was doing, told me off through eyes that said she had just been caught talking to herself, stood up, and walked away like I had just pushed the boundaries of personal space. At first I laughed, because her face is so expressive there is no question as to what she is thinking and in doing so, my muscles gave way and I bumped my head as I laid back on the floor. Justice was served. Even though Georgia had made it painfully clear that she was not happy with the results of my lurking, it was only a matter of moments before she was all smiles and playing again in the kitchen. A valuable life lesson we often forget. Feel what you feel, when you feel it, and move on to happier times. Thanks Georgia.