Flowering Love Juice

Where would we Bee?

Humble BeeHumble Bee

Not very long ago, in a not so far away place, a friend brought my wife and I a bag of pollen.

"BEE-careful where you put that" I exclaimed, just because it was obvious. We groaned, and laughed at the obvious Three's Company humour, and carried on unpacking the rest of the food. While doing so, she asked if I had ever tried bee pollen. Naturally I said,

"Of course not. People think I am strange enough. I don't think it would help the matter if I went around licking flowers all day. Besides, it is really quite sticky. Walking around with pollen on my face would surely attract unwanted company such as bears, or hummingbirds. Those pointy little beaks kinda freak me out, I could lose an eye."

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