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Kastaplast Kaxe

Once upon a time, there was a disc…that disc made people scratch their heads, squint their eyes, and bring forward the question…"What the hell is that?!" That disc, is the Kastaplast Rask. Previously mentioned in a blog post not very long ago on this very website. With ground breaking design and exceptional over stability, the Rask is very much a love / hate disc. In my opinion Kastaplast from Sweden made a disc truly memorable no matter your opinion on the Rask, and one lives in my bag full-time because, when there is a need to stay left or right, no matter how you throw it, the Rask is the first disc I reach for.

Well, Jonas Lindberg, owner and founder of Kastaplast has done it again. This time, making a midrange disc that rivals some of the very best on the market. In my opinion, likely one of the best discs to ever be created for the midrange game. I could bore you with technical specs and details often found online, but I would rather not, so I will give you my first impressions.

Kastaplast Rask

Kastaplast RaskKastaplast RaskNot so very long ago, I was at my local disc golf course, when a friend of mine came over to me with a disc that looked far from average, and said

"Here, give this a try" and handed me the Kastaplast Rask. ( Kasta [throw], plast [plastic], kasta plast [throw plastic; play disc golf] )

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