Cross Country 2012 - Part Two

So I suppose it is quite possible, you are many parts are there?! The answer is, a number of them. How many, I am not sure, I am still working on it. In all fairness though, it is a long trip and one little blog would not do it justice. Sit back, and enjoy the ride.

Morning Fog, north of Espanola OntarioMorning Fog, north of Espanola Ontario After spending some time on the road in northern Ontario, I got to be pretty excited about being on the road, in spite of the never ending fog. So much so I would forget to stop and smell the proverbial roses. The days were full of fog and really, I wasn't ready to stop and take photos. I just wanted to drive. Until I came across the Old Daigle Homestead, near Iron Bridge on the north shore of Huron Lake.

It caught my eye, so I stopped to take a look around. I find Canadian History quite interesting, so it usually compels me to stop and take a look around. I am rarely disappointed. Such as with this old house, and all the character that hides within it. As I walked around, I could feel the spirits of this old house. Daigle House, Iron Bridge OntarioDaigle House, Iron Bridge Ontario Kids running around, hard work taking place, resilience. The people from "back in the day" really were true heroes. They had little but what they could bring with them, their own abilities, and determination. Today, we as a population forget that there were some truly remarkable people setting this country up to "habitable". That of course does not include the First Nations that were here doing their thing for thousands of years. They had it figured out. Live simply, within your means. Don't be too greedy. Europeans however had a different way of thinking, and so it made the task all that much harder to exist. Their own fault sure, but they did it, and worked damn hard to do it. Without cell phones!
Welcome to the Daigle House.Welcome to the Daigle House. Of course, as time moves on, people move in and do what they do best. Become bored, have a few drinks and start painting things to make it their own. A heritage we inherited from our ancestors I guess. Over all though, the house was in really good shape. Considering the age, weather, and bored teens in the area. I can only imagine what has happened in the Daigle House in recent history. After doing my complete 360 degree view of the old homestead a funny thought occurred to me. Did they put this sign up before, or after somebody tagged this house? Does this sign include the aforementioned graffiti? Daigle House, No Defacing PleaseDaigle House, No Defacing Please

With a bit of time spent around the house, it was time to move along. I had set my mind and body for another day of driving, and that was what I needed to do. I was still in the uncomfortable position of being on the north shore, in the very early spring. The last time I went through this time of year, snow storms hit and tractor trailers were in the ditch everywhere. Not something I wanted to repeat. So off I went. More fog, more miles, still no animals. But I had "Dave" with me, so I was set to put some distance behind me and this tremendous old home.

My day ended in Terrace Bay Ontario. Oddly enough, I stopped here the last time I drove East...from the West, for fuel and coffee. Though I did not stop for any length of time. I did enjoy the energy in the small town. Terrace Bay is very quaint, and its claim to fame is the large lighthouse that sits int he middle of town. Even though I was incredibly tired from my drive that day, I still managed to have a bite to eat, and catch some local sporting action. End to EndEnd to End I have no idea who any of these people are, or even what their teams are called. But I do know this. The team with the white jerseys, kicked the team with the red jerseys ass! It reminded me of game seven, Canucks vs Bruins. I hang my head in shame. He shoots, he SCORES!...again.He shoots, he SCORES!...again. In the short time that I was there, white scored on red no less than 5 times. I made the last half, of the third period. Imagine what the rest of the game looked like? Yeah, so with that thought tucked away nicely in my brain, I made my way to my motel room, and had a much better sleep than the night before. My wonderful Boxer Moola, agreed and managed to make a mess of both beds by re-organizing the sheets in a much more comfortable format. Moola rocks.