Canadian Government, Not for the People.

I am quickly losing faith in our Federal and Provincial Govt's. There was a time not so long ago, that I truly believed that if serious, well thought out, and proven information, was presented to both levels of Govt, on the Fish Farm issue alone, that positive change could happen. It is now painfully obvious that neither of these Govt's truly give a rats ass about anybody in this province, let alone this country. That, is just the DFO department. I have been fighting with WCB ( WorkSafe BC) for over 19 years, doctor after doctor have given them information confirming my PTSD, and the severe issues that come along with it, and still they deny what has been proven, by their own doctors. I would like you, whomever is reading this, to think about your life, and how the Govt on any level, has hindered you in anyway.
( end of personal issue rant )

Every day you see in the news, Alberta Oil, nasty dirty oil, that is the worlds worst Green House gas producer, destroying land and animal as far as it can reach. Pipelines being pushed through to the coast regardless of what you think, or need for the future. Damming entire inlets to create power for the same pipeline. Budget cuts, running deficits, industry pollution that goes unmonitored or corrected, the collapse of entire fishing industries on both coasts, Genetically Modified foods that have been proven harmful to human consumption, big pharmacy causing more cases of autism and life altering disabilities, poor economy, higher rates of unemployment, less employment insurance, Marine Oil Spill Response vessels running aground...the list goes on and on...

If you give yourself an hour, you will find here a fine example of how the Govt, decided to make more money, than worry about your future...

Now ask yourself this question: What are you going to do about it when they, "The Govt", have finally taken away your rights as a Canadian Citizen, given over all of your resources to foreign industry, and killed the entire coast line, and interior of British Columbia because they have decided, on their own, that the retirement packages, and new cars they drive are more important than you, and your child's future? What will you do when you finally wake up and realize, you don't have anything left? Procrastination, and complacency is not the solution to the issues on the table now. Action, is the solution to the issues on the table today. You need to be active in the protection of our country from East to West, and to the North. This is our country, and the Govt is destroying it for money. Money, you and I are never going to see. I have said it for years, Greed and Ego are going to destroy this world. You are now watching it happen in your own country, as your federal and provincial Govt's fill their pockets, and laugh at you for being naive enough to let them do it.

So I guess my final word in all of this...I HAVE lost faith in our countries Govt System, and REFUSE to recognize any of it until the Govt changes for the people, instead of the people. Peace.