Brad Millsap, Vancouver Island does have talent.

Busker BradBusker Brad

Today I ran into Brad. Bradley Millsap to be more precise, and when I walked away, I felt a little happier. The energy exuding from Brad was instant and contagious. Standing on the corner of England and 6th street in Courtenay, Brad could be heard singing from across the block. So of course, this made me stop my vehicle, and walk half a block to meet the man himself.

Drawn to the corner dwelling crooner like a kitten to a wiggling string, I made my way over and realized there was much more happening than just a corner busker having his way with a sunny November day. Brad as it turns out, has made it all the way through to the top twenty of Vancouver Island's Got Talent. Way to go Brad!

Not having cable or a television for almost a decade, I was surprised to find out this happy go lucky singer in a "DAD" hat was in fact, a competing Dad, and doing very well. When asked if this was how he made his living, busking on the streets, he snickered away the question, and with the flick of his hair explained to me that he works at Grains Bakery on 10th street in Courtenay. He just does it to pay for gas and smokes. A fun and fiscally responsible hobby it is.

Sitting right beside Brad was his two year old son Cadence. This little fellow was more than happy to sit there asleep while Dad worked his magic on the corner, making people smile. In return for Cadence's patience, and stage presence, Brad contributes part of his daily street earnings to an RESP for the tiny little crooner in training. A great way to get a head start on life and a commendable use of spare change.

Brad tells me however, that there are people out there that think his street performing is wrong, and has shared with him their opinions. Not to be put off, Brad continues to pass along happiness whenever the weather permits him to play some tunes on the street, to share with people the experience and joy of music.

If you are following Vancouver Island's got Talent series, head out to the next event and show some hometown support for Bradley Millsap. Proud to be from the Comox Valley.