In the beginning.

As with all great artists, inspiration comes from places that seldom become told unless asked directly, and then patiently waiting for the image to unfold as the answer is introduced into conversation. Some have asked where I get my inspiration to capture the photos I enjoy. My answer, truth be told is my wife. Nature being as wonderful and wicked as it is, provides many opportunities for capturing its immense attitudes, and personalities. I doubt there will ever be a day when I rise from my bed, and not feel inspired by something I see within it. Though admittedly, it does take longer somedays than others. With that said, Colleen shares with me undying support for my work, patience and understanding in my dark days, passion and fire that rekindles our spirits with a love so strong, mountains bow in its presence. This is my wife. My partner. My best friend. Without Colleen colours would fail to impress, oceans would dwindle in size and bird songs, well they would still be beautiful, but not nearly as brilliant as they are. This is what my wife brings to me, and so for Colleen I have created my space on the web for others to share in the joy that I see in my world everyday, because she loves me. Unconditionally. Thank you my sweet wonderful soul. I love you.