Addictions, I can't stop thinking about it.

Simple PleasuresSimple Pleasures There came a time in my life when I thought all hope was lost. My life it seamed, was upside down. Drinking was not an option. My father wrestled with alcoholism for years as I grew up, so it seemed important to me, not to start down that road. Being "addicted" does not stop with outside influences, they are simply easier to explain than the thoughts in ones own head. I, was addicted to feeling depressed. The mere thought of happiness shook my world. So much so, it seemed downright painful in my heart to have too much laughter in my life. Suffering with Post Traumatic Stress, I did not see that light until I was well surrounded by it. At which point my life had taken on a new identity.

In order to better understand depression, and how it actually worked, I decided to think on it before I did anything drastic. Just to make sure that I did not make things worse. This, took almost fifteen years. You may be wondering how one person could possibly have one single thought, for fifteen years? Well, that's the rub. The more I thought about it, the more I researched, the more I researched, the more I had to think about. I became addicted to researching depression, and information about depression is plentiful on the internet. Everybody and their dog has an opinion about why people become depressed, how to fix it, what drugs work best, natural cures, ridiculous sarcastic cures like drinking everyday to make the world seem like a better place. But where does addiction come from? How does it happen ? Questions I doubt anybody going through it would ask themselves, likely the only question coming from an alcoholic would be, "where is my next drink coming from and how much is left?" But what causes this addiction in the first place? The simple answer is the brain. And a little section called the hypothalamus. This little fellow creates chemicals in the brain to make you feel happy, sad, excited, ready to fight etc. Whenever there is a feeling that needs to take place, the little gland says okay, here comes the happy juice. Or, unhappy juice depending on your state of mind, and your body reacts in kind to these chemicals. Because these feelings can become somewhat reliable and constant to anybody with depression, we tend to want to stay in that mind set because it feels safe. "Normal". Causing us to want more, and so goes the little roundabout of addictions. It is this little dance that we do in our brain that can cause us the most harm if we are susceptible. We like the way we feel when it happens, "happy", so let's keep it going. It is this in my opinion that can cause a great deal of confusion to most people suffering with addictions. Whether it be drugs, alcohol, anger, depression, sex, it does not matter. Chemicals are entering the brain, thus making you "happy" or content with the feeling you are experiencing. Once the process of chemicals being released into your brain has been figured out, and how or why it happens, the person in control of their brain can in fact change their life and get out of depression with as much as a consistent thought. It has been discovered that the mind, does not know the difference between waking consciousness, and dreams. All the same brain functions happen whether you are staring at a piece of cakes drooling, or simply thinking about cake, and drooling. This, is never told to you by the pharmaceutical companies nor will you see it in their marketing campaigns. Chemicals are chemical are chemicals. The only difference between Paxel and your mind, is you pay a great deal of money for drugs, and your mind is free. And you don't feel like flying off the handle and raging if you stop thinking about being happy for a day, with headaches, and the shakes, the way you do on drugs.

So, you have a thought, what happens next? Mr.Thalamus in your mind, releases happy chemicals because you are experiencing something happy. He also releases angry chemicals if you are angry. Sad, depressed, hungry etc all happen in the same way. These chemicals attach themselves to receptor sites in your mind, and body, and away goes the happy juice to all extremities. Now your body is filled with happy juice. The more you think happy, sad, angry, depressed, the more your body creates receptor sites that allow for more of these chemicals to be introduced to your body. So really, you, are allowing all this to happen, with your mind. This, is where the human mind, if understood, can make a life saving action happen for you without too much outside influence, and a goodly amount of determination. Pet therapy has shown to reduce anxiety in the elderly during home visits because of their calming, restful nature. This is because we, the people in the room, feel calm while petting animals. When we feel calm, "calm juice" is released from the brain, and so our body is calm. This is applicable to all functions of the mind and body, if we understand how it works. Outside drugs, are not needed unless it is an absolute last resort. Far too often doctors prescribe pills that take the place of our own thoughts because they are easier, and faster than educating people on their mind and how it works. Effective short term, but not specifically a "cure", just a wound covering gauze of some sort.

If you are feeling down, angry, excessively anxious, do yourself a favour, read up on how to make yourself happy naturally with your mind. In the long run you will be happier, have less drugs in your system to cause issues, and have more money in your pocket. But do not take my word for, this is written for one purpose only. Create interest in your own body and how it works. This is of course a rough, and crude detailing of the mind and its functions, but you get the idea that there is much more we can do about our addictions than is usually told to us. Do the research, make your mind work for you, instead of against you.

Wishing you happy thoughts!