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KAXE Z, is what I said.

Kaxe Z TesterKaxe Z Tester In the last few months I have enjoyed the latest releases from Kastaplast. Both the Rask and the Kaxe have made their way into my disc golf bag permanently, for two reasons. One, the plastic is incredible and feels great on my finger tips as I ready myself on the tee, or in the fairway, and two the discs are exactly what I crave when looking for reliability in flight and accuracy. Both reviews can be found in earlier posts on this site.

Kastaplast Kaxe

Once upon a time, there was a disc…that disc made people scratch their heads, squint their eyes, and bring forward the question…"What the hell is that?!" That disc, is the Kastaplast Rask. Previously mentioned in a blog post not very long ago on this very website. With ground breaking design and exceptional over stability, the Rask is very much a love / hate disc. In my opinion Kastaplast from Sweden made a disc truly memorable no matter your opinion on the Rask, and one lives in my bag full-time because, when there is a need to stay left or right, no matter how you throw it, the Rask is the first disc I reach for.

Well, Jonas Lindberg, owner and founder of Kastaplast has done it again. This time, making a midrange disc that rivals some of the very best on the market. In my opinion, likely one of the best discs to ever be created for the midrange game. I could bore you with technical specs and details often found online, but I would rather not, so I will give you my first impressions.

Kastaplast Rask

Kastaplast RaskKastaplast RaskNot so very long ago, I was at my local disc golf course, when a friend of mine came over to me with a disc that looked far from average, and said

"Here, give this a try" and handed me the Kastaplast Rask. ( Kasta [throw], plast [plastic], kasta plast [throw plastic; play disc golf] )

Canadian Government, Not for the People.

I am quickly losing faith in our Federal and Provincial Govt's. There was a time not so long ago, that I truly believed that if serious, well thought out, and proven information, was presented to both levels of Govt, on the Fish Farm issue alone, that positive change could happen. It is now painfully obvious that neither of these Govt's truly give a rats ass about anybody in this province, let alone this country. That, is just the DFO department.


GeorgiaGeorgia Over the winter in 2011, I spent some time in Ontario visiting family and friends, and took some much needed time off. During a visit to my in-laws, Kent and Leslie in Cornwall Ontario, I was once again taken with the mind of a child. I find it very relaxing when a child is at play, completely lost in their thought and the inspiration for this photo, came from one of those moments.